Battle Art Fair Tester Exhibition

15 – 22 September, as part of the Battle Contemporary Fine Art Fair 2011, Roche Gallery is displaying the works of several participating artists in our Feature Exhibition.

Mary Beaney

Is It You Georgina?

 Mary Beaney

Founder and promoter of the “Art on the River” exhibitions and co-founder and promoter of the Chalk Gallery, Lewes. Marys’ current work is motivated by delving into the realms of her ancestry, following the inheritance of a Victorian family photograph album. Loosely executed in the style of Byzantine art, she used acrylic/mixed media/collage to create the piece represented here. A major part of Marys’ practice is to attempt to create atmosphere with the subtle use and blending of rich colours, with the aim to balance a moment in time past and the contemporary today.


Kathryn Maple

High Rise Living

Katheryn Maple

The foundation of Kathryn’s work lies in drawing, realised through woodcut and lithography. Her main focus is on twentieth century utilitarian housing blocks, minature worlds condensed in a geometrical form. Perhaps they are the ruined construction of a lost civilisation or just the humdrum, made interesting with shapes and line, yet retaining the organic within the abstract. Kathryn is interested in softening these bleak and stark huge urban precast concrete blocks but keeping in mind the rawness, surface roughness, whilst not forgetting that these are homes for the living.


Ceridwen Jane Gray


Ceridwen Jane Gray

Jane’s work is about energy – energy that surrounds us, animates us and “IS” everything. It is also about possibilities. Quantum mechanics tells us there is genuine indeterminism in nature – nothing is fixed or settled. This theory underpins Jane’s practice. She works on the premise that pretty much anything she can imagine is possible….in fact may already exist in another dimension!


Susan Haseltine

Sussex Downs

Sue Haseltine is a painter and printmaker based in Brighton whose art is inspired by nature and the landscape of the South Downs. Paintings, lino cuts and screen prints originate from her observations and memories of this landscape, where she works faithfully from direct observation whilst also adding abstract elements and text to some images. Sue teaches painting, drawing and printmaking one-to-one and to small groups. She runs a regular monthly oil painting workshop and delivers screen printing classes through the Ink Spot Press in Brighton. As a result of many years as a graphic designer she also teaches Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator one-to-one and to small groups.


Dani Humberstone - painting

Butterfly Effect #2 - Tortoiseshell

Dani Humberstone

Dani’s work is about belonging – allegories of the transient nature of human life and the beauty and tragedy of consciousness. It is the story of memories, both personal and collective – where we come from, how and where we live and to where we will eventually return that is of particular interest to her. Painted from life, Dani uses recently picked fruit in still life, when they are at their most ripe, to symbolise in microcosm the intensity of our own life cycle. Dani uses oils and transparent glazes over opaque colour to create depth and luminosity, whilst strong light and shade give her paintings atmosphere and tone.


Ali Stump
Little Black Lamp

Alison originally studied Sculpture at the Brera Academy in Milan. Upon returning to London, she continued painting and drawing, whilst having a career in interior design. Alison discovered printmaking shortly after moving to Cranbrook. Her latest work is based on a series of tables. The images are minimal, stripped of their true perspective and printed largely in black and white. Collagraph is her prefered medium, as it allows her to produce a rich textured finish. The lines are uneven and naive in style.


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