ROCHE gallery 10th Anniversary

This year, Roche gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Roche gallery is owned and run by Marina Kim and Tim Roche. They moved to Rye in 2001 and opened the gallery doors to the public in February 2002. The Roche gallery is located at the very centre of Rye, at 93, High Street.

The business established itself early on as a high standard art gallery and framing business. Renovation of the premises transformed a small antique shop into a beautiful exhibition space in the middle of the town. Roche gallery exhibits artwork by Marina Kim herself, with several special events with invited artists throughout the year.

The success of the gallery stems from several factors. Most importantly, it is in the high professionalism of Marina Kim as a portrait artist. During this last decade, she painted portraits of many notable Rye residents and visitors from London and all across England. Her remarkable talent, skills and ability to relate to her sitter produced many portraits which met with deep admiration by commissioners themselves, their families and friends, and many visitors to Rye.

Apart from portrait commissions, Marina is a versatile and prolific printmaker. Her speciality is a rear and demanding technique of mezzotint. Very popular in 18-19 century in England, especially for reproducing in black and white portraits of prominent citizens, it almost died off in the 1900s. Now a number of dedicated artists is bringing it back to life and Marina is one of them.

Tim Roche is a framer with wide experience. He gives his client excellent advice and bespoke service on framing artworks. Tim especially enjoys working with artists. They have strong ideas about presentation of their own work, and let him keep up to date with the contemporary trends.

Marina Kim and Tim Roche exhibited at the ROCHE gallery in Rye a number of nationally renowned artists, some of which are Anthony Green RA, Mary Cozens-Walker, Brenda Hartill RE. They also staged personal shows by several well established artists from Uzbekistan, where Marina originates from. These are Gayrat Baymatov, Alexander Kim, Michail Sorkin, Elena Lee.

In spite of challenging economic situation in which the business was developing, Roche gallery is a well established art gallery and framing business. This year, the owners focus on growing the Internet presence and sales, while the High Street premises are to undergo a big make-up. With the new look, Roche gallery will extend its exhibition space and add special events to their calendar.

Roche gallery runs an online shop where original artworks by Marina Kim are available to buy.

Contact Tim Roche for art framing.