Still Life “Ooh, Fancy!” – about a painting

Fine art painting Still life "Ooh, Fancy!"

“Ooh, Fancy!”
Oil on canvas
40x30cm or 16″x12″

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I like painting a still life every now and then. It is like writing a short story or, if compared to music, like playing an etude or a sonata – a small piece to indulge in. One can focus on some elements of technique, play with nuances, experiment with a plot.

My younger daughter Alina likes (always has!) cute things. This year she discovered local antique shops with the endless supply of quaint English paraphernalia. The fancy cup belongs to her and was borrowed to feature in a still life. The other two items are mine. I am of a different mould, going after simplicity and functionality. Actually, as I am writing this, the word “plainness” comes to mind as more suitable… But I digress.

Building a composition, however simple, takes a little time. I fiddled around with these three objects for quite a while. However, in the process, a story began to emerge, and the title “Ooh, Fancy!” was clearly the only possible choice.

This little painting is sold unframed.